Real life experience of using the Facial Silk Treatment Mask by MerryLife PH skincare.

Non-surgical way of achieving V-shape face and cheaper skin treatment - byglamjem review 

Sheet Mask with FACE LIFET EFFECT! Why not?!

GOODBYE round face!

Thanks to this new discovery of sheet mask made in Japan (quality-checked) and a product by MerryLife.

1. Product overview
2. Actual Demo Photos
3. Short Clip for actual demo
4. Before and after
5. Take away (skincare tips)
6. Where to buy this amazing sheet mask

I decided to make a skincare review but not an ordinary skincare product, I considered it as a minimalist
way of skincare because this sheet mask can give you not only a refreshing feeling for pamper time and
healthy skin glow but at the same it gives the benefits of what your skin really needs.
How can I say that? Well, as I’m using this facial mask not only once or in a week but in a month, I took
time before I make a review in order to give a realistic product review and to be reliable.
For more product details I will provide the link to their website and will mention their social media
accounts so you can go and check it personally.

This facial mask is a product of MerryLife under the product line of Diamond Face which is known as the
facial silk treatment mask here in the Philippines and in Singapore it’s well known as the First Love Silk
Mask White Strawberry Extracts (serum). They have 5 branches and its good news they have already
branch here in the Philippines! Yey! Within reach and easy to purchase!


Facial Silk Treatment Mask Made in Japan. Instant face lift and korean glow and beauty! K-Beauty for real! Skincare that works and skincare that cares! #kutisartista #kutiskoreana #kbeauty #pinayskin


The facial silk treatment mask comes with a box in 8 pieces of sheet mask inside.

Facial Silk Treatment Mask Made in Japan. Instant face lift and korean glow and beauty! K-Beauty for real! Skincare that works and skincare that cares! #kutisartista #kutiskoreana #kbeauty #pinayskin




You can see an English
translation in the box packaging but each sheet mask you can only see at the back an instruction image
to follow the four (4) steps on how to apply their sheet mask. Let me translate it to you! =)

Four steps on how to apply the sheet mask properly:

“Skincare Tips”

Step 1. Wash your face and make sure it’s clean.

Step 2. Apply the facial silk treatment mask properly on your face; adjust it according to your face shape
because the sheet mask is one size fits all.

Step 3. Leave it on your face strictly for only 15 minutes; make sure to set your timer on and use a rose
quartz or jade roller to massage the pure white strawberry serum on your face. The roller gem helps the
serum absorbs it well in the skin. Setting a timer for 15 minutes will help maximize the effect on your
skin rather than over applying the sheet mask which can make your pores clog when the serum dries up.
That’s why every facial mask has its own time limits.

Step 4. Remove the sheet mask on your face and tap it using your fingers it will helps dries up the
remaining serum and if you have a sensitive skin you can wash it off but for me I leave it overnight.

Personal product review:
This facial silk treatment mask in one month of using, I usually used it once a day but if I want to pamper my skin more esp. if I’m stress at work I do it for 3x a day and maximum of 5x a day only.
Sheet mask: lightweight and watery. Made of 100% SILK and not an ordinary cloth sheet mask.
Serum: easy to dry, not sticky and no scent since its came from the pure white strawberry serum.

I noticed that my skin after a month is:
 Softer
 Glowing
 Eye bags are not visible.
 Pimple scars are beginning to disappear.
 It makes easy to apply makeup and the way the product penetrates in your skin is different.
 Makeup last longer on my skin even without a setting spray.
 The highlight benefit which makes your skin firmer and making your face smaller.

Skincare tip: Since the serum has a beneficial effect on my skin, the remaining serum of the sheet mask I
applied it on my neck, arms, elbows and keens or wherever I want to apply the serum because it has
whitening properties too! Para hindi naman sayang! Oh, dba pinoy na pinoy!

That’s why I explore more the facial mask and I used only the sheet mask half on my face for 15 minutes
with the proper 4 steps of applying the facial silk treatment mask and the result is amazing!! My half
face was lift as you can see in the actual demo photo.

To back-up this experiment I also included the footage from Ms. Yukie Elurra a feedback video using the
facial silk treatment mask only half of her face too to prove that it really makes your face firmer and
lighter. The result is V-shape face! That’s why I said that K-beauty “face shape” is now achievable in a
non-surgical way and it’s cheaper!



Thank you for all the influencers who gave their honest review for our facial silk treatment mask! =) 

For those who love to try our skincare, you may now shop and hurry because we have few stocks left! 

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"Skincare that works" 

"Skincare that cares" 


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