World’s first disinfectant beauty soap, a minimalist skincare routine that will blow your mind!

Credits to byglamjem, Ganoderma Cleansing Soap Journey.

This product review is about a beauty soap which I’ve tried for months in order to come up with a reliable assessment output of such product. I spent a lot of time using this beauty soap rather being excited too much to make a review instantly which decreases the credibility of the content.  To ensure there’s no bias or false product benefit claims using and testing the product a long period of time is a must for me.

The name of the product here in the Philippines is ganoderma cleansing soap “multi-functional soap” or dumb as “miracle soap” but usually it is called as ganoderma cleansing soap, a product by MerryLife and made in Japan.  MerryLife Philippines is the 5th. branch of MerryLife  Company and the headquarters is in Singapore.


  • Product benefits
  • Personal experienced while using & testing the product – product assessment period
  • Product Packaging
  • Footage and actual photos as proof of the product results
  • Where to buy the product

Product claimed benefits of ganoderma cleansing soap are the following;

  • Cleanse off all types of makeup, harmful airborne bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants.
  • Easy to apply makeup with flawless makeup application result.
  • Reduce pore size, brighten, smoothen and whitening the skin.
  • Detoxification, purifying, cleansing and revitalizing skin.
  • Heals and protects the skin.
  • 7 Days results proven.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 60 days of usage if once a day.

Some of these benefits claims can be found at the ganoderma cleansing soap labelled on its soap packaging.  

First let me start about the product claims that after the 7 days journey you can see a significant result and this is true when it comes to disappearing my pimple/acne marks not even after the 7 days but I can vividly see the result in just 3 days of using it for twice to thrice a day.  I noticed that my skin is smoother and easy to apply makeup during the period of using the ganoderma cleansing soap; speaking of makeup this soap also removes instantly stubborn cosmetics/makeup on my skin after one wash only. Watch the short clip for the actual footage of me using the beauty soap during my skin dust allergy and how it removes my  makeup in just one wash only!. So this helps me save in buying makeup remover or toner which I usually used when removing makeups before cleansing my face with soap as we all know cleansing soap alone is not enough. But this one it’s like all-in-one beauty soap, after washing my face with this  ganoderma cleansing soap, I used a toner to check if there’s still makeup residue  left on my face and it amazed me because it turned out that my skin is cleanse thoroughly because there’s no makeup residue on the cotton tester.

Next, I’m sharing my experienced when my dust allergy attacked me while I’m still at the office, this is so embarrassing moment for me but I still managed to filmed as part of my beauty soap journey because I used this ganoderma cleansing soap as my first aid since there’s no time to buy my anti-allergy meds and my face are already red, itchy and swelling. As I read on its website that it can heals and protects the skin that’s why I gave it a try if it’s not working so I can be admitted to the hospital nearby because my skin condition is really bad.

So, first thing I did is I washed my face using this beauty soap ( I have stashed in my office), then  I washed my face again but this time I leave it the soap foam on my face until it dries while finishing my work at the office (imagined the awkwardness. ) Hoping that it helps somehow the itchy feeling and yes, thankfully it worked! The itchy part of my face is beginning to calm down and after 30 minutes the redness on my skin is beginning to disappear not that totally heal but somehow it helps.  When I checked the ganoderma cleansing soap ingredients I found out that it contains jojobo oil, alo vera, coconut oil, brown rice oil, green tea extract and deep sea minerals which I did a researched to confirm that these ingredients really helps to treat my skin allergy and the answer is YES! These amazing combinations of the product ingredients really cured and protect my skin based on my real life-experienced.  I’m so amazed how these Mother Nature by product helps cure the skin problem you might encounter.

 In short this is the new minimalist product that you are looking for if you’re after is to have a one product that will give your needs and wants for your skin so this is it! I really recommend it as tested and proven the effectiveness of the product, you can watch for more review on my YT channel (byglamjem).

It can cleanse your skin, heals, protects at the same time it beautifies your skin, no wonder it is called as disinfectant beauty soap. A minimalist way of skincare! The best part is the beauty soap lasted for 2 months and 2 weeks (74 days) of using it but the product claims only for 60 days of using it probably it’s because I have smaller face or I just know how to make best-used of the soap foam on my face. Very cost-saving!

For product packaging comes with its own “soap plastic-holder” (rectangular shape) that you can make a hole for filtering out the excess water on the soap, product up-close photo and short clip footage of my journey will be provided, kindly watch this now! Thank you!


Ganoderma Cleansing Soap Packaging Box.


 Footage of my ganoderma cleansing soap journey. WATCH NOW! ( having a technical error) will get back to you soon. 

I hope you learn something and this might help you too, to decide if it is worth the try!.

Recap: this product review focused on the healing and protecting the skin.  Effective in removing the cosmetic/makeup in just one wash and it beautify my skin as it whitens and easy to apply makeup.  This beauty soap treat also pimples it helps during my period pimples, it treated after 2 days only, for the soap application I used it twice or thrice a day and it depends on how my skin badly need it.

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Details where you can buy it:

Company website:

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Facebook page: MerryLife PH


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